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Caring for
Matarangi's environment

Matarangi - Eye of the sky: Our magical white sand beach community on the east coast of Coromandel Peninsula between the Whangapoua Harbour and Mercury Bay. From seashore to forests, tracks to golf course and the magnificent Coromandel ranges, Matarangi has it all and we need to maintain its unique beauty for the future.

Caring for
Matarangi's community

The permanent population of about 500 and around 7000 during peak holidays living and visiting Matarangi have our support with a focus on public welfare, health and safety and emergency management.


Caring for
Matarangi's children

The children of Matarangi are our future. The Matarangi Community Trust will support the advancement of children's education where we can.

You can help

We hope you will support the efforts of the Matarangi Community Trust to preserve and improve the Matarangi community and its environment for the future.




Supporting Matarangi after the cyclones


After the intense rain and flooding combined with high tides and extreme seas Matarangi is left with substantial erosion particularly on the eastern coast and north of the sandspit. Significant parts of the golf course have suffered loss to the sea. The Matarangi to Rings Beach track has also sustained considerable damage.

There was a quick response from the Volunteer Fire Service and the Emergency Management Committee, together with many volunteers to clear the roads and help with flooded areas.

We have learned much about how to make Matarangi more resilient to future weather events and other emergencies.

The Matarangi Community Trust, along with council and others, is taking a proactive role in repairs and restoration as well as protection of the Matarangi foreshore and its tracks. We are supporting initiatives to be better prepared for future emergencies.

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