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Following the June 2019 success in the Environment Court with a decision confirming the Open Space zoning of the Matarangi golf course property, the key open space is saved from subdivision but unfortunately not yet secure for the long-term future.

For decades the Matarangi Ratepayers Association (MRAI) has held that community ownership of the golf course properties is the only sure way to prevent subdivision and preserve the amenities: open space, spit head walking track, golf course, bowling green and spacious clubhouse building.

Many other Matarangi amenities such as the tennis courts, the Bluff Tracks and the proposed Harbour Park will need support in the future. All are crucial to keeping Matarangi the wonderful holiday settlement that we enjoy.

Having seen the need for a new charitable entity able to own, promote and maintain some of these amenities, MRAI sponsored the formation of the Matarangi Community Trust.

The Matarangi Community Trust is now an incorporated charitable trust with wide powers to own property and support charitable community activities.


  • The former owner of Matarangi golf course intended to develop into housing, a large part of the 50 hectare golf course, which is zoned as Open Space.

  • The former owner objected to the Open Space zoning. The Thames-Coromandel District Council together with the Matarangi Ratepayers Association and the Holes 1 and 2 Group successfully defended the Open Space zoning. The Environment Court judgement issued in June 2019 upheld the Open Space zoning.

  • If the zoning had been changed, the community could have lost to housing, its golf course and a large section of beautiful landscape. The golf course fronts onto some of the most sensitive parts of our environment, including the sandspit, mangroves, and the Dotterel nesting area.

  • This uncertainty over the future of the golf course and its land impacted property prices throughout Matarangi.

  • For these reasons, members of the community contributed and loaned funds to purchase the golf course land to protect the open space in the interests of everyone.

  • To take ownership of the golf course property those loaned funds need to be repaid.


Alastair MacCormick


Alan Cunningham


Alison Hackett

Glenn Leach

Jo Malcolm

Ernest Raina

Trust Secretary