Open space counts


Who is behind the Trust?

Members of the Matarangi community. Five Matarangi residents have volunteered to be trustees of the Trust. They are Alastair MacCormick (Chair), Alan Cunningham, Allan Dickinson, Alison Hackett, Glenn Leach and Sharon Walker.

Why must the community own the land?

If the community does not own and control the land, its future would be forever uncertain. For instance, a future change in Council or planning rules could dictate what eventually occurred on the land.

Who made the decision to buy the land?

A group of about 20 members of the Matarangi community, through a company formed to be the purchaser. The Matarangi Community Trust was established separately to protect open spaces and reserves, and to take over ownership of the golf course land and protect it for all of the community into the future.

Will the open space stay as a golf course?

The Trust intends it to remain as a golf course, leased to a separate community entity formed to operate the golf course and community centre. In community hands we are planning for it to be a much improved amenity, with many activities and events, and a meeting and gathering place central to the Matarangi community.

Can the land be placed under covenants?

The opportunity is available for groups of owners whose properties adjoin the golf course to seek a covenant from the Trust. The golf course land is comprised in four titles. Covenants would need to be related to these titles.
Covenants would be consistent with the TCDC’s Matarangi Structure Plan. It states the Plan’s intention to keep the golf course as Open Space and says: “Eventually a covenant or consent notice on the titles of the Matarangi Golf Course would keep the land as Open Space in perpetuity.”
A group of property owners adjoining holes 1 and 2 of the golf course are seeking a covenant over holes 1 and 2 (Lot36) to attach the provisions of the Open Space zoning to their properties in perpetuity. This is currently under discussion.

How much are individuals donating?

Members of the community have made financial contributions of more than $1m already. However, in order for the golf course land to be protected for all the community, it needs considerably more investment than has been put up so far. Contributions are being made at all levels. But a number have invested as much as $100,000.

How much do you need from me?

To succeed we will need a number of people providing donations at a range of levels. We have a tiered system in place (see above).

I’m not near the golf course / I don’t play golf. Why should I contribute?

Everyone in the community benefits from the protection of this land as open space, including through improved property values across the estate and an improved environment. We hope the community sees the value of this to all of us, and future generations, and comes on board in any way they can.

Is a contribution tax deductible?

Yes. The Matarangi Community Trust has charity status.

What will the Trust do?

The Trust will take ownership of the golf course from the company which purchased it. If enough funds are raised it will also undertake other activities to improve amenities for the Matarangi community. For instance, the Trust has already invested in improving the Matarangi Bluff tracks, and maintaining the security cameras at the entrance to Matarangi.

What happens if enough funds can’t be raised?

We are going to do everything we can to protect this land! If in the future the Trust cannot fulfil its purpose and objectives, it will have to consider all options then available to it.