Your support


An early estimate is that it will take $3-4 million to secure our vision. Matarangi Community Trust, the current ownership group and Thames Coromandel District Council are working closely in tandem with professional advisers to sort out a long-term plan for ownership and operation of the recently acquired golf course property.

We are not daunted by this target and with everyone’s support can see ways to make the vision come true.

Right now we have 1436 homeowners, rising to over 1850 over the next decade. We have the numbers to get there.
Let’s make it count for all our Matarangi futures.


Establish, support and maintain open space reserves, facilities and other amenities for community and public use at or proximate to Matarangi for the promotion of health and other purposes beneficial to the community.


Support public welfare, health and safety and emergency management for Matarangi residents and visitors and Matarangi entities. 


Support and advance education of children at Matarangi.